Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Plays – Batters 4/21

Here are today’s MLB daily fantasy baseball plays for hitters. We analyze the history between these players and the starting pitcher to give us good odds for success. I also personally play some of these guys in my own lineups each night – so good luck!


John Jaso (OAK) vs Yu Darvish (TEX)
Real shot in the dark here, and you’ll want to make sure Jaso is in the starting lineup … but career he’s 4-13 with 2 Home Runs vs Darvish.

Russell Martin (PIT) vs Mike Leake (CIN)
In 22 career AB’s Martin has 9 hits with 1 HR vs Leake.
First Base

Daric Barton (OAK) vs Yu Darvish (TEX)
Rare you’d have 2 guys to select against Darvish, but Barton’s numbers are excellent. In 7 AB’s he has 4 hits, 1 HR and 1 walk.

Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) vs Cliff Lee (PHI)
Over his career, Gonzo has 11 hits out of 22 AB’s, 3 doubles, and 1 HR.
Second Base

Jason Kipnis (CLE) vs Jeremy Guthrie (KC)
In 11 career AB’s Jason has 6 hits with 1 HR.

Ian Kinsler (DET) vs John Danks (CHW)
Lots of history here, in 31 career AB’s Ian has 12 hits, 4 HR’s, 3 doubles and 2 walks.
Third Base

Luis Valbuena (CHC) vs Bronson Arroyo (ARI)
Another dark-horse pick here, make sure he’s in the lineup. In 13 career AB’s he has 6 hits – with 4 doubles and 2 home runs.

Lonnie Chisenhall (CLE) vs Jeremy Guthrie (KC)
In 10 career AB’s he has 5 hits with one being a home run.
Short Stop

Hanley Ramirez (LAD) vs Cliff Lee (PHI)
His numbers are tremendous, in 16 career AB’s he has 8 hits, 3 HR’s with 8 RBI’s vs Lee.

Jimmy Rollins (PHI) vs Paul Maholm (LAD)
In 30 career AB’s Rollins has 10 hits and 4 walks – and also 3 stolen bases off Paul.
Out Field

Austin Jackson (DET) vs John Danks (CHW)
In 37 career AB’s, Jackson has 14 hits, 3 HR’s and 4 walks vs Danks.

Alejandro De Aza (CHW) vs Anibal Sanchez (DET)
Not a ton of history here, but a guy that could save you some money tonight, De Aza has 4 hits in 8 career AB’s with 1 walk and 2 doubles.

Jose Tabata (PIT) vs Mike Leake (CIN)
In 20 career AB’s he has 7 hits with 2 doubles and a triple vs Leake.

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