Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Plays – Pitchers 4/17

Awesome day of baseball, with emphasis on day – because many games are in the AM/early afternoon depending on what coast you live on. There are some top-flight pitchers throwing today, so our list is dominated by fairly expensive pitchers.

Justin Verlander (DET) vs Cleveland
Verlander has excellent numbers vs the majority of the batters he will face today. He has 20+ strike-outs against Swisher and Cabrera, and 10+ K’s vs Kipnis and Giambi.

Madison Bumgarner (SF) vs LA Dodgers
The heart of the Dodgers lineup (when healthy) involves Puig, Hanley, A-Gone, Ethier and Kemp, and none have a career AVG over .250 against Bumgarner. It’s also a rare mid-week day game in San Francisco, which usually helps the pitchers.

David Price (TB) vs NY Yankees
DP has great numbers against most of the batters he will face against the Yankees today. Only Derek Jeter has numbers that would scare you.

Chris Sale (CHW) vs Boston Red Sox
Limited experience against the Red Sox batters, but he’s only given up 3 total hits to the one’s he’s faced.


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