Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – March 14

Yo Yo Yo – IT’s FRIDAY!!!! Hell year – tonight is a good night for NBA action. We’ve got some injuries and solid matchup you can take a look at. Also, take a look at the MLB Freeroll link I have below – I know you guys are NBA experts – but the MLB is starting and you always see dead money in these contests early in the year.

F – Thomas Robinson at New Orleans
So LaMarcus Aldridge is out, and the thinking is Robinson will start. He doesn’t have the best matchup tonight, but it could be worse. You could also look on the other side of the ball – Anthony Davis has been beasting, or you could go with other Blazer players like Lillard, Matthews, Lopez, Batum … ect.

G – Eric Bledsoe at Boston
He’s starting – and if you’re daily fantasy site hasn’t upped his price since coming back, he might be a solid salary play tonight.

G/F – Harrison Barnes vs Cleveland
Looks like Klay Thompson is out – the coach will either start Steve Blake or Barnes. I like Barnes a lot if he’s starting, this is a solid matchup he can take advantage of with extra playing time.

G/F – Gerald Henderson vs Minnesota
I’m not in love with Hendo – but – he’s just come back from injury, he’s starting – and most daily fantasy sites have his price well below what it was before he got hurt – so he has upside against a so-so opponent.

Indy at 76ers
I hate Pacers players, the team plays solid D and doesn’t score a ton of points – so outside Paul George, there isn’t anyone you can play on a consistent basis. Tonight they have a wonderful matchup against a glorified D-League team. David West becomes a viable option. I would avoid 76ers players, like I said, the Pacers have good D and they show up to win (since they need home court to beat Miami).



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