Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – October 28

The NBA season is here! If you’re not familiar with what we do here on Daily Fantasy Grind – I cover the ‘sleeper’ or cheaper players that you can use on your roster. I try to find guys that are below average salary. If you don’t know Anthony Davis is a great start or Russell Westbrook is a must start with KD out ….. stick to football or a sport you know more about. In my mind, the guys writing articles about how LeBron is a solid start isn’t giving you any information you didn’t already know – and they aren’t taking much of a risk.

PG – Patrick Beverley
On DraftKings, Elfrid Payton (who might not start), Jeremy Lin (who backed up Beverley at times last season), Tony Parker (who’s usually on a minuets limit) and Jrue Holiday (who’s probably a little overpriced) are all more expensive than Beverley. He’s likely in for plenty of minuets against the Lakers on opening night.

Looks like he’s the cheapest guy in the starting lineup (even cheaper than Ryan Anderson who’s returning from a serious injury). The team is expected to be a high powered scoring machine and Gordon is capable of filling up the stat sheet.

G – Danny Green
Looks like (overated) Kawhi Leonard is out … which should open the door a bit for Green. Only caviat is you never know with the Spurs, but Green was solid in the postseason last year and is below average salary.

F – Boris Diaw
With Tiago Splitter likely out, and Timmy D likely being on a minuets limit, Diaw is a capable option and played well down the stretch last season.

C – Kyle O’Quinn 
He’s coming off the bench, so his upside will be limited somewhat, but he’s can fill up the stat sheet fairly quickly, and the Magic will be looking for scoring options this season. The head coach has also given him the ‘green light’ to shoot more 3-pointers, which should give him some extra value.

About me – I’ve been playing fantasy basketball since 2004 and an avid fan since 1987. I subscribe to NBA league pass and watch as many games as I can each night. As the season goes on – these sleeper picks actually get easier to identify because injuries and playing rotations are easier to predict. Because I’m putting up risky plays, remember DO NOT stack your lineups with these guys … instead mix in 1 or 2 around the core players in the league. Again, if you don’t know who the core players are in the NBA – stick to a sport you know more about because you will get crushed. Additionally, because this is opening night – I am posting picks, but I normally won’t list sleepers on nights where there’s only 2 or 3 NBA games … I don’t like playing those days because everyone has the same lineup and it comes down to 1 or 2 players, instead I just watch.

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