Well yesterday wasn’t a great day for me, I picked some good players. However a few of my players in all teams scored 0 which really holds you back.

Last Night’s Stat’s
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $2.00
Paid places: 0
Won: $0.00
Profit: -$2.00


But Today I’m going to post a team affordable in Draft Kings that is based purely on the pre All-Star Break statistics of HR’s per Plate Appearance.

The Catcher position doesn’t feature in my lists, but Buster Posey can aid any team.

From 1st base to the outfield every hitter averaged 1 HR per 20 Plate Appearances or less in the 1st half.


So here is the team. With 1st half average points per game & HR per PA

C. B. Posey (SF) – 8.40 / 30.09

1B. D. Ortiz (BOS) – 10.79 / 15.59        

2B. R. Cano (SEA) – 9.57 / 18.9

3B. T. Frazier (CWS) – 8.52 / 14.68

SS D. Espinosa (WSH) – 7.42 / 18.44

OF N. Cruz (SEA) – 9.16 / 16.39

OF A. Duvall (CIN) – 8.37 / 14.09

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) – 9.68 / 13.39

Scan_20160707 (14)-001






All of those players are in HR neutral or positive ballparks today. I can see every single one of those players hitting a HR which at 14 points racks up the tally quick.

This team allowed me $17,000 to spend on pitching, so for this team I select

Jon Lester (CHC) $10.600 – @ Milwaukee

Against the Mets in his last start he scored 21.1 points. I’d be happy with that & against the Brewers he could score quite a few more.

Edinson Volquez (KC) $6,400 – Vs Rangers

He scored 19.6 in his last game, I would be completely happy with him just replicating his last start of 7 Innings Pitched,
2 ER and 7 base runners with 6 Strikeout’s.

C. B. Posey (SF) Vs Eovaldi 3 for 8, 4 RBI’s

1B. D. Ortiz (BOS) Vs Milone 3 for 10, all 3 hits HR’s

2B. R. Cano (SEA) Vs Happ 5 for 22, 2 Doubles & 1 HR

3B. T. Frazier (CWS) Vs Sanchez 1 for 4.

SS. D. Espinosa (WSH) Vs Friedrich 3 for 7

OF N. Cruz (SEA) Vs Happ 8 for 15, 1 Double & 1 Triple.

OF A. Duvall (CIN) Vs Godley (No History)

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) Vs Kluber 0 for 3


What I like about this line up, is that most of these players will not show up in favourable matchups on line-up optimizing software. I don’t really see any negative aspects all my hitters apart from Posey & Espinosa are expected to go deep quite often.

This is a kind of line-up that either lets you down or finishes in the top 10.

Of course with 2 Mariners in this team, I’ve got to hope that Happ isn’t on his best form. Because David Ortiz is facing a lefty his price is less, but when he connects at Fenway Park it can go whizzing by the Pesky pole, into right for a long “Big Papi” single, or play with the dimensions of the green monster.

Here’s hoping whatever team you select, you do well & tomorrow morning hopefully I’ll be posting screenshots of a good result.

Remember only risk what you can afford, and if you are not interested in today’s games, then save your $ for another day.


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