Well I replaced David Ortiz with Hanley Ramirez in my main team; however my best team was luckily in my best tournament for money,

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Last Night’s Stat’s
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $5.50
Paid places: 1
Won: $6.00
Profit: +$0.50

Jay Bruce, Hanley Ramirez, Odubel Herrera & Steven Matz combined for 98.3 points, It was just Devon Travis & Michael Saunders of the Blue Jays let the team down, much like in another team where Tim Lincecum scored a minus 16.

Oh well Sunday I was up,
But that’s how to play fantasy, with those 4 guys combining for almost 100 leaves you needing only 30 points more from 6 other players. So break that down that’s 5 points from other players each, which is a base hit RBI or a Base hit & Run scored.

Onto Monday & with 11 games some fantasy leaders of 2016 are not playing.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are giving a big league debut to Braden Shipley today in Milwaukee, so in one team I’m going to gamble on his misfortune, but not this one.

Here is the first team

P Martin Perez (TEX) $4,600

Was the 5th worst qualified pitcher of the first half for points per game, at only 10.51. However starting against Oakland who are a middle of the pack team in offense.

P Noah Syndergaard (NYM) $11.100               

Ranked 9th best in the same table, with 22.23 points per game. Even though he faces the Cardinals he has a K9 of 10.99 and so any damage done can be rectified with a few K’s.

C Evan Gattis (HOU) $3,200

2 for 5 versus Pineda, those hits were a Triple & HR.

1B Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) $4,700

Has there been a better hitter in the MLB since 2011 than Encarnacion? Facing Rea who has a 5.01 ERA I like Edwin’s chances of points.

2B DJ LeMahieu (COL) $3,900

This is a spot of uncertainty, Pedroia has awful numbers against Verlander, Schoop has been doing well lately, but for now I’ll keep the Rockies infielder in.

3B Eugenio Suarez (CIN) $2,500

The Reds head to the Bay and Suarez is 3 for 8 with a HR against Jake Peavy, good head to head at great price.

SS Carlos Correa (HOU) $5,200

The young Shortstop is 5 for 6 against Pineda, 2 Doubles & 2 HR’s.

OF Carlos Gonzalez (COL) $4,900

7 for 17, 2 Doubles & 1 round tripper against Gallardo, One of those players who is a genuine threat any time they are in the batter’s box.

OF Mike Trout (LAA) $5,100

Trout is only 1 for 6 against Kennedy, however it is Mike Trout. Sometimes ignore the minimal data of head to head & play the best players in the game, even if Trout only had 1 hit, a HR is 14 points and his job is done.

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) $4,700

Against de la Rosa, whose ERA this year is 6.07. Trumbo is 3 for 6 with 2 Home Runs.


Remaining Budget: $100


First half averages of points per game.

P Martin Perez (TEX) – 10.51

P Noah Syndergaard (NYM) – 22.23

C Evan Gattis (HOU) – 6.85

1B Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) – 9.62

2B DJ LeMahieu (COL) – 8.40

3B Eugenio Suarez (CIN) – 6.86

SS Carlos Correa (HOU) – 8.71

OF Carlos Gonzalez (COL) – 9.36

OF Mike Trout (LAA) – 10.69

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) – 9.68

Total = 102.91


With those averages, and some favourable match ups, this team should at the very least be on the bubble of placing in large contests. My biggest concern is Martin Perez; however his salary allows me to play some of the biggest hitters in the game. I’d hope for a 33% increase on those averages, which would net 136.9 points.

Fullscreen capture 25072016 130307


As it is a Monday, It’s time to see the Current standings of our Man Vs Machine challenge.

Current Standings up to July 25th.

Contests Played: 19
Total Stake: $12.75
Paid places: 3
Won: $12.50
Profit: -$0.25
Current Balance: $19.75


I wonder how the MACHINE Did.

The Machine has been getting HAMMERED!!

Contests Played: 4
Total Stake: $4.00
Paid places: 0
Won: $0
Profit: -$4.00
Current Balance: $16.00

I’ve totally wiffed using FREE MLB lineup builders and lineup generating tools. Unfortunately that’s how it goes when you are lazy, so I think it’s time to adjust the strategy. Just blindly picking guys I probably should have cashed once. Unfortuently DFS selections via the computer are proving to be difficult on FanDuel – so today I’m switching DFS sites.

Today I’m playing on Yahoo – a site I’ve had lots of success on in the past.

P – Aaron Sanchez
P – Jake Arrieta
C – Wilson Conteras
1B – Paul Goldschmidt
2B – Scooter Gannett
3B – Danny Valencia
SS – Jed Lowrie
OF – Michael Saunders
OF – Jose Bautista
OF – Jay Bruce

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