Scan_20150909 (20)-001Last Night, Thanks to Madison Bumgarner & Archie Bradley, I scored 126.55 for 268th which netted me $6.

Last Night’s Stat’s      
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $5.50
Paid places: 1
Won: $6.00
Profit: $0.50


But onto Thursday,

Funnily enough getting on base doesn’t mean you score runs, it should but there are teams who get on base & don’t come round to score which is wasted opportunity.

I have looked at every match up for today, and here’s my 5 cents.

Jake deGrom, Kyle Gibson, Yordano Ventura, & Jered Weaver all face teams today who are in the top 10 for Runs Scored & Batting Average.

Aaron Nola faces the Atlanta Braves who feature last & second last in those statistic’s, His team the Phillies don’t rate much better, Another player to try is Johnny Cueto who faces an average Nationals team.


So In my first team I’ll enter it in the 7.05 ET Start time slate.

SP J. Cueto (SF) $11,900

Cueto has been really good this year, I think he’s improved on and off the field in San Francisco.

SP A. Nola (PHI) $8,400

Just got to hope that Nola takes advantage of the Atlanta Braves’ ability to get hits & runs.

C B. Posey (SF) $3,300

3 for 6 with 2 Doubles against Tanner Roark.

1B D. Ortiz (BOS) $5,600

12 for 37, 2 Doubles & 3 HR against the Angels pitcher.

2B D. Pedroia (BOS) $4,200

Why not add more parts of the Red Sox Run machine, only Xander Bogaerts separates them in the order.

3B M. Prado (MIA) $3,400

3 for 8 with a double against Wacha. So should get some points tonight.

SS JJ Hardy (BAL) $3,000

3 for 7 with 1 HR, on a dangerous team capable of runs quickly.

OF Melky Cabrera (CWS) $3,400

11 for 36, 3 Doubles & 1 HR. well worth $3,400

OF W. Contreras (CHC) $3,200

Added as his $ fitted & what the hell is going in with the White Sox.

OF K. Morales (KC) $3,500

3 for 6 with 1 HR against Hamels.

Remaining Budget : $100


I’m not going to look at average points per game, 6 of the 8 batters are good BVP, so this will be the team less played I feel.

Hopefully with a few other teams, one can net me a total of 150+ points,


Well Good luck to you, & the Machine.

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