I did write a post yesterday however real world events kept me from being able to post,

And I didn’t actually enter any contests I think DraftKings may have been contemplating contacting me to see if I was okay lol.


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P Noah Syndergaard (NYM) $10,900

Pitching in San Francisco his last start gave him 23.1 points.

P Martin Perez (TEX) $7,100

Against Tampa he could match his last start with 26.2 points.

C Salvador Perez (KC) $3,000

2/5 with 1 HR against Santana

1B Miguel Cabrera (DET) $3,600

Always a danger and sub $4,000 is well worth a pick.

2B Robinson Cano (SEA) $5,200

12/32 with 2 Home Runs against Garza in his career.

3B Nolan Arenado (COL) $5,100

Is 1/3 off of Hammel however that 1 went deep, and in Coors Field is a good pick.

SS Elvis Andrus (TEX) $3,400

My last pick, steadily doing well so is worth his salary.

OF Yoenis Cespedes (NYM) $3,300

He returned with 2 HR yesterday, and has 2 HR against Samardzija.

OF Matt Kemp (ATL) $3,800

Kemp is 3/10 with 1 HR against Gonzalez.

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) $4,400

League leader in HR’s with 36, He has 3 in his career off of Kuechel.

Remaining Budget: $200


Hopefully my pitching can score at least 50 points, and I’m in good shape to have hitters go deep and have guys with multiple scores.


My hopes


P Noah Syndergaard (NYM) – 30

P Martin Perez (TEX) – 25

C Salvador Perez (KC) – 8

1B Miguel Cabrera (DET) – 16

2B Robinson Cano (SEA) – 14

3B Nolan Arenado (COL) – 17

SS Elvis Andrus (TEX) – 8

OF Yoenis Cespedes (NYM) – 14

OF Matt Kemp (ATL) – 10

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) – 16


That would net me, 158 Points which would more than likely see a decent return.

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