Last Night,

Last Night’s Stat’s       
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $0.75
Paid places: 0
Won: $0.00
Profit: – $0.75


There is one early game, Texas @ Colorado; all the other 14 games take place from 7pm ET.

For today, I’ve highlighted 20 hitters. Almost all have taken the opposing probable pitcher deep.

Here they are,

I’ll detail a few for you.


Cabrera, Melky (CWS) $3,700

Cain, Lorenzo (KC) $3,300

Carpenter, Matt (STL) $4,200

Correa, Carlos (HOU) $4,300

Cruz, Nelson (SEA) $4,900

Donaldson, Josh (TOR) $4,400

Duvall, Adam (CIN) $4,500

Ellsbury, Jacoby (NYY) $3,700

Escobar, Alcides (KC) $2,200

Hamilton, Billy (CIN) $4,900

Hosmer, Eric (KC) $3,300

Kemp, Matt (ATL) $4,800

Moss, Brandon (STL) $4,000

Ortiz, David (BOS) $5,100

Pence, Hunter (SF) $3,400

Perez, Salvador (KC) $2,400

Saunders, Michael (TOR) $3,600

Trout, Mike (LAA) $5,200

Walker, Neil (WSH) $3,700

Zobrist, Ben (CHC) $5,100


David Ortiz, has feasted off of Severino in a handful of AB’s,

3/5, 3 HR & 3 RBI’s.


Some of the Royals have good numbers against Chris Sale,

Lorenzo Cain, 17/49 – Batting Average .347, 4 2B, 3 HR 8 RBI.

Eric Hosmer, 14/39 – Batting Average .359, 2 HR, 4 RBI.

Alcides Escobar, 22/60 – Batting Average .367, 2 2B, 1 HR


Also need a catcher?

Salvador Perez, 14/46 – Batting Average .304, 3 2B, 1 HR.


Some of the Yankee’s have some good numbers against Rick Porcello,

Jacoby Ellsbury, 12/28 – Batting Average .429, 2 2B, 4 HR.



Chris Sale has faced the Royals twice this season, split between the two cities.

His better performance, in which he didn’t get the Win, was in KC like tonight.

This year he is better on the road as you may expect considering US Cellular, Seasonal averages mean he should get 7 K’s in 6 2/3 of an inning or there about.

So I would use him in one team, and stack against in another given some of the Royals success against and the salary prices of them.


I’m going to play a number of quarter contests this evening, and here is a team I’ve entered.

Without Sale or a Royal, and with two pitchers going head to head, this could be a fun strategy.


P Z. Greinke (ARI) $11,100

P S. Matz (NYM) $8,800

C N. Hundley (COL) $3,400

1B D. Ortiz (BOS) $5,100

2B M. Carpenter (STL) $4,200

3B J. Donaldson (TOR) $4,400

SS E. Andrus (TEX) $3,300

OF A. Benintendi (BOS) $2,600

OF J. Ellsbury (NYY) $3,700

OF H. Pence (SF) $3,400


Greinke is coming back from the DL, whilst Matt Carpenter is yet to HR since his return from injury.

Of course if it’s a run-athon in NYC tonight, this team will be useless. I may monitor Greinke and switch him out.


So good luck tonight.



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