NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/15

Got my NBA daily fantasy basketball picks for Sunday November 15, 2015 up early today. We’ve got 1 really early tip-off in the NBA. If you get involved in that game you’ll probably want exposure to Kristaps in a lot of lineups since his salary is still a bit behind his production level. I will be re-visiting this page throughout the day, so be sure to check back in as we get closer to the afternoon tip-off times.

Here are the players I’m going to be targeting in cash games later on today:

Draftkings: Wiggins
Fanduel: Westbrook
Yahoo: Wiggins, Marc Gasol

Not a ton of superstar NBA players playing tonight, so the target scores are scaled back just a bit.

Draftkings: 220
Fanduel: 294
Yahoo: 250

G – Jose Calderon
$3,400 Draftkings
$10 Yahoo

G – Dennis Schroder
$4,600 Fanduel
$4,300 Draftkings

G – Dion Waiters
$14 Yahoo

F – Stanley Johnson
$10 Yahoo

F – Cody Zeller
$3,500 Draftkings

C – Gorgui Dieng
$3,400 Draftkings

C – Omer Asik
$3,800 Fanduel
$12 Yahoo

11/14 Recap: Last night I played in mainly tournaments because with the short slate it just caters to tournament play I feel because of lineup overlap.

Last Nights Results:
2-5 Cash Games (Yahoo)
0-1 Tournament (Yahoo)
0 – 3 Tournaments (Fanduel)
1 – 4 Tournaments (Draftkings)

I made my NBA debut on Draftkings last night …. I felt the salaries have been a tad bit out of whack the first few weeks and wanted to wait until they normalized a bit. When salaries are out of whack – it turns into a salary skill game and not a fantasy basketball skill game. Overall I did pretty good – probably a break-even night but it gives me confidence going into today/this week so that is a positive. My lineup started out really hot – and I thought I might be in line for a huge payday … but my afternoon lineup kind of piddled out a bit.

Draftkings lineup

Jones, Drummond, Blake, Crawford, Vucevic were all fairly obvious plays. Ariza is playing hurt – I will avoid him until further notice. Payton had a good game, plus I knew he was going to get tons of minuets. Patty Mills made the entire lineup work because of his salary. He missed quite a few shots, otherwise he would have really put up a nice game. Overall, great night for me from a planning perspective, just got to keep playing so I can hit that big score.

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